Health kinesiology was one of my stepping stones in the right directions, with out it I would still be back in the scope of the doctors that where pushing me in to one test after another.  Learning kinesiology was easier then trying to find out what the doctors where trying to tell me about my own health.

Maybe you have something wrong with you but every time you go in to the doc you find yourself still not understand what to do or how to do it. Such as diet do they talk to you about what you need to eat or void not really unless you see someone that is a MD for that process alone.

Health Kinesiology may seem like a long drawn out word but you would have to be in one of the classes I had attended from Sandra Gust. She was able to really break it down I know my first couple of classes I felt a little lose. Kinesiology is not something that is simple or put together for everyone but I must say after I stuck to learning it, most of it just falls together.

The next step in the kinesiology was to master it and improve it. I found a way to kind of simplify it, most of the systems where in lost groups of information. First off looking at the start of all problems comes up with issues finding the right one at the right moment is the key. That is kind of what everyone is doing trying to find the key to there problem such as there illness.

Using muscle testing and bioenergetics and other tools used from apex energetic is amazing work, kinesiology is not just about vibrations and energies and other field things it is more about the whole system of things put together by the bodies innate intelligent and energy.

Alternative medicine is growing more and more everyday finding the right one how do you do that, how do you know which one is the right one for your body I mean there are so many of them out there don’t you feel lost at all?

One thing about muscle testing that if it is done right you will get the directions you need. I know feeling lost is one thing all people suffer from and how do you know when and how to get life in the grove will start testing your self make sure you are balanced it will help to be balance when testing other wise you just waste your time.

Learn how to balance your self in one of the classes either Radiokinesis or Health kinesiology by Dr Jimmy Scott or Sandra Gust.

Also check out the other classes we offer from our Radiokinesis teachers