Chiropractors and Kinesiology in Tucson, Arizona

Do chiropractors have the level of kinesiology training necessary to make permanent change you need in your life?

Are you getting to the issues that are causing your pain and illness?
Chiropractors have a purpose: to help realign bones and ease musculoskeletal pains. However, they mostly do not have the training to address the deeper issues that cause the bones' misalignment.
Health Kinesiology, on the other hand, does not manipulate bones, it focuses mostly on addressing the deeper causes of the pains you feel. Health Kinesiology, developed by Dr. Jimmy Scott and Radiokinesis, developed by Michael Murphy, are based on kinesiology therapies that address the deeper causes of illness and help people better manage their ailments. This work, along with your doctors and chiropractors, will help you regain balance.