Radiokinesis is based on muscle testing to achieve meridian balance and to make the corrections required by the body.  Muscle testing is the form of “communication” of the body with its surroundings and environment. 


The human body functions with energy, just like any other element of the world. All plants and animals have an electrical system to make them work and stay alive. The human body operates with subtle electric energy. Nothing takes place in the body without the brain sending a signal telling it what to do. When the brain sends a signal to a group of cells, the signal is an electric impulse that flows through the meridians.  All cells are aligned under a fine thread which forms the meridians system.  The meridian system is similar to the vascular system, which carries blood, as the meridian channels carry energy.  The meridians interconnect all the body and the brain. 


When there is an interruption or blockage in the flow of energy in a meridian, the body parts and tissues located after the event will not receive the electric signal of the brain or receive a weaker transmission, causing disruption to the cells damaging the affected body parts.  Without maintaining the integrity of the meridians, the body is thrown out of balance.  This is similar to an interruption in the blood flow to the hand due to a tourniquet applied to the elbow.  In this case, if the tourniquet is not removed, the hand will grow weak and eventually the tissue will die. 


When energy in the meridian is interrupted or the flow is reduced, it is necessary to carry out steps to repair the meridian circuit and eliminate the interruption or blockage, thus allowing the energy to fully flow to the affected body parts.  In order to eliminate the interruption or blockage it is necessary to have a tool that will amplify, bridge, reroute or tune the energy.


The ideal state of health is when the energy flow from the brain to all the body parts remains uninterrupted in such a way that the brain’s transmissions are perfectly received by each body part and retransmitted to the brain with similar fluidity.


There are various tools to correct the frequencies or vibrations of miss established energy connections in the meridian system.  One of the most effective method is the use of Radiokinesis and Energy Movers, which serve to amplify, bridge, reroute or tune energy. 


The design of Energy Movers is based on the principles of basic electric communication.  Think of the body as a huge electric circuit board, where the organs are interconnected by meridians, which are similar to the tracelines in an electric circuit.  Everything in the world functions at a unique frequency or vibration.  Each organ in the body functions at a specific frequency, the body itself functions at a given frequency, each of the illnesses of the body, such as cancer, a viral infection or the flu, function at a specific frequency, and even the told to assist the body, such as essential oils, and Energy Movers function at a given frequency.  Let’s see this in more detail.


Studies have been carried out in Eastern State University in Cheney Washington[1]that found that the average body frequency range is between 62-68 hertz. 'Dis'-ease begins when the body drops below 58htz, the flu can attack at 57htz, candida at 55htz and cancer at 42htz. The same study showed that the frequency of a man who held a cup of coffee dropped from 66 htzto 58 htzin 3 seconds. Another man who drank the coffee saw his frequency drop from 66 htzto 52 htzin 3 seconds.  


This experiment with the coffee, as is the case with other toxic substances, shows that adding negative energy (such as that created by coffee) to a mass of stable energy (such as the body’s) will change the positive energy to a negative energy times the mass being held, or can deplete the positive energy of the mass