A new study provides scientific evidence of what many have suspected for a long time: a diet which includes regular helpings of fast food makes people fat and increases their chances of developing diabetes. The study was conducted by researchers at several institutions including the University of Minnesota. They tracked the dietary habits of about 3,000 young people for 15 years.


Working with a lot of different types of people I have notice, that people who live in  Egypt they do not eat pork.

 When asking them have you ever heard of diabetes they have no idea what you are talking about. Not because of a language problem but because of the fact they don’t have that problem, they don’t eat pork. I found this picture while searching for some stuff on a diet plans I thought I would go ahead and share it blows my mind.

My wife has already lost 16 lbs using the weight watchers diet which I thought wow her we go again another diet another bad month of eating nothing and losing nothing.

 I have to admit she is doing GRATE!

 she told me something I found to be one of best thing I have heard  “ a diet is just a another diet but a way of eating is a life  style.” The idea is that people really need to look in to the ways of eating everyday not just once a month go on a hardcore diet Crash lose weight and then start stuffing food again.

Food will never leave you life; the fact is learning to use it with something more than just a tool. All tools can be used wrong in fact this tool can leave you in a hole of more then you thought you could get out of. Stand up look at you food find some information on how much food is worth in points such as the weight watchers do.. Big Mac is more then a whole days worth in food add fries and coke now you don’t need to eat for 2 days how sad is that.. remember that you life is all about knowing things knowing the truth, knowing who you are, what you do how, your life, and how you live it and how you eat.

Fight for health and prefect life style. A lot of people are obese and I find that sick. look at the picture I found searching on the net while it looks funny in a way it is called abuse and it should be dealt with by the law because the people that don’t teach there kids to eat right should never be aloud to have kids in my book it is no different then beating your child it is sick..