Kinesiology classes


 Sandra Gust

Sandra Gust

Main Teaching Locations: USA / Canada

Teaching HK since: 1994

Address: Leaveneering International
1464-119th St NW
Monticello MN 55362 USA
Phone: (+1) 763 878 4518 Fax: (+1) 763 878 4528


Sandra immigrated to the USA from Ottawa, Canada in 1994. She still teaches in Ottawa, as well as countless other locations in Canada and the States. In Ottawa, she taught at the University of Ottawa and Algonquin College. She also had numerous radio, television, and newspaper interviews, including a front-page color feature article in Ottawa's largest newspaper. More recently, she has also begun teaching Belief Kinesiology, her own synthesis of techniques working to change sabotaging beliefs and installing positive ones of choice.

Sandra says, "I personally feel that Health Kinesiology™ is a gift from God, a healing toolbox for our survival into the next century. It is almost ahead of its time. HK offers an impressive and empirical scientific foundation, while simultaneously affording us a vehicle of tremendous hope, healing and transformation. And let us not forget that with every one who achieves a greater wholeness in body, mind, or spirit, all the world is raised up a little bit, thereby a blessing to all.

"As HK practitioners, we are like midwives helping individuals be born to their next appropriate level of wellness & wholeness."

Sandra was authorized to teach HK in August 1994.