Kinesiology Self testing How does it work?

  1. Self testing

Self testing is a very good way to tell if someone is controlling there arm also it comes in handy when you don’t have other hands and you need to test something while you other clients hands are holding points or something. Self testing is a way to test your client’s energy while working with them. I never test a whole session without there body verifying the test for me doing so would put you in a very strange place.

  1. Client testing

Client testing takes place with a muscle on the person body locating and testing the response of that muscle again strong or weak. This is one of the best ways to get there answers some times you can use there muscle to test yourself for info.

  1. Surrogate testing

Surrogate testing is one of the hardest things people have to understand so I am going to tell you how to understand this. This is when more then one person can stand in a line and ask the first person in the line a question using the person in the end of the line and get the answer for the first person in the line which means you sent the signal threw all the people in the link or chain it is like they all where a electric cord.

Example: hold you hand up in the air and move your fingers without saying anything! Your body just sent a signal faster then you could have spoken it. Remember that you can do this threw people most people ask a question it will take a minute for them to answer it but you sometimes will already know the answer. This could be because of the person giving you a body hint or a tip but really it is a signal thing your body picks up on the frequencies that there body has sent out when you ask the question.