Preface      $5,000,000 law suit filed against flu promoters for causing paralysis      Swine flu vaccine tests prove unsafe      No swine flu epidemic      All vaccines are poison      Ford the puppet      Vaccines can trigger heart attack      80% of all medical doctors are unfit      Drugs cannot cure      Vaccine promoters try to dodge the blame      A few congressmen blast the swine flu hoax      How to punish the culprits      Law suits against the vaccine promoters      American medical Association has been outlawed      New Anti-trust suit against the chiropractors      2,000,000 doses of defective swine flu vaccine condemned      Many fake findings by scientists seen      Swine flu promoters tried to con the swine raisers      President Coolidge unswayed by medical pressure      God give us men      What our leaders should have checked on before throwing us to the killer (vaccine) sharks      Question that should have been answered before considering any vaccination drive      Death count may never be known      Who pockets the money?      Compulsory army vaccinations are unconstitutional      How will our new President Carter handle the swine flu swindle?      Fluoridated tooth paste dangerous      A better campaign