Overweight, what is it really about?

I am a health kinesiologist and have worked with all kinds of people for over ten years. I’ve found that there are people who are in an emotional hole, and realized that many don’t really understand their own damaging eating causes. Some thoughts to help people figure out their underlying eating reasons follow:

  1. I feel so sick I just can’t move. So how do I find the energy to get off my behind, and do something? The words “I can’t” come into play, preventing them from achieving any kind of goal.
  2. I am not good at controlling my body, my mouth and my weight.
  3. What makes me feel guiltier, being overweight or being skinny?
  4. Do I get mad when people tell me I am overweight, as if I did not know?
  5. Do others tell me that they will run with me, and I immediately think “no way, I am not running with that person, she is skinny and will make me look huge”?
  6. When I was little, did my parents force me to eat “my whole plate” even when I was full? Did I find myself sitting at the table for hours trying to push food I hated down my throat?
  7. Is there someone in your family that can eat anything and still be skinny? Do you compare yourself to them?
  8. Do you self abuse? Yell and hit yourself, saying horrid things to you and your body? Do you do crazy diets that hurt your body?
  9. Do you find yourself standing in the mirror looking yourself over, or are you staying away from the mirror?
  10. Do you eat mostly when you feel bad?
  11. Do you lie to yourself about your eating patterns? Why you eat, how much you eat, what you eat? Do you think “I am going to eat this and it is going to be ok, I worked hard, I don’t care right now about my diet”?
  12. Do you say over and over again I need to be on a new diet the last one did not work?

I will stop there. I think the point is clear, at least to me now. Read the phrases above. Did any of them resonate? If so, you might realize that losing weight for you is more than eating right and exercising. You need to tackle underlying causes, I feel that if weight control was only a physical concept, most diets would work, and the weight would remain off. But, until you tackle the inner reasons that drive you to eat, no diet will fit you 100%.

Let me share an idea with you:  let’s say you have a job of driving a fast car, you are good at this point, and you can drive and drive, and never get tired always in control prefect… Then you get into an accident and start to feel doubt. At this point, thoughts start flooding in such as: “I can’t do this”, “this is too hard”, “Oh my gosh, did you see that fast driver just past me driving so incredibly fast”.

You grab the wheel, your knuckles are white, you are sweating, you feel  OUT OF CONTROL. You think, no, this cannot be happening to me, it happens to everybody but.

Here I have to tell you: Please just look around you! You are not alone at all; in fact, we are all fat with abuse, sadness, depression and feeling worthless, overwhelmed and lost 90% of the time.  Those who say “no way, I am on top of the world” this is for them… sometimes you feel like a fraud or a fake.  I know it sounds harsh, but most of us experience these feelings in all types of situations, weight related or not. Anger is one of the strongest energies in the world, so TAP INTO IT to get off your behind and do something to change your life today!

Fight, workout, watch the mouth, run Forrest, run!  Watch what is going into your mouth, and how much you are burning, and what is coming out of your body. Water helps move that process along. You are your best motivator. NOBODY CARES AS MUCH AS YOU DO!

I am going to add more to this article, and you all can help. Please write about comments you tell yourself.

Together we can beat this overweight sickness that is a plague of this world.