Also known as: SK
Developer: Dr Harry Howell
Summary: a kinesiological system which enables us to help with a wide range of sexual problems at a psychological, emotional and physiological level, with particular emphasis on the kinesiological influence over the sex glands
History: developed in the late 1970s when working as a sexologist in London. Tested and used in clinical practice for several years before embarking on teaching it.
Taught to: kinesiologists who want to expand into this area. can be taught over two intense weekends anywhere in the world
I was able to find this info on this website:
I am not really sure if this is a real kinesiology. If it is, I would understand it could be used in a way to test the ability to understand your partner’s issues better in the sexual realm. With kinesiology you can test to see if when being in the sexual act, there is something wrong with the way you / your partner feels. For example if the person has an allergic reaction to man’s semen or other kinds of deeper problems. Most of the world is reluctant to talk about their sexual problems. A lot of people who get married young find problems happening they can't or won’t talk about family or doctor. A kinesiologist on the other hand has the ability to not have to talk about it. They can access the brain by testing concepts or problems and they don’t even need to know their origin. I know of a client that her mother yelled at her telling her that she hated being a woman because of having her period. She told her daughter that all kinds of bad things happened because of being a woman and told the girl that she would become a women and her life would be terrible. When the woman grew up she did not want to be married, and she did not want to be with a man. Her married life was horrid, and she felt as if she was a man or wanted to be a man. Kinesiology could help address this kind of issue.
Mike Murphy