The "Founder" of Applied Kinesiology, George J. Goodheart, DC 1918 - 2008

Founder and Creator of Applied Kinesiology Dies at 90

I just found out of the passing of one of Chiropractic's most influential leaders, Dr. George Goodheart, DC.

He died peacefully, yesterday evening (March 5, 2008) at his home at the age of 90.

The most I knew of him was threw Dr jimmy Scott and touch for health never met the man my self but his name is so well known and if you are a kinesiologist you will find in your heart that this is a sad day for all the worlds kinesiologist.

Applied Kinesiology was his proud moment in life such a powerful tool to bring so many people joy and relief from all there pains and problems.

Just learning to talk to the body and its brain was in itself is amazing gift from Mr. Goodheart and taught many of us the core principles we use in our practices.

Most people took his tool and turned it in to one of the worlds best kinesiology how proud he most have been to see the world work together on such a simple way of life.

A 1939 graduate of National College of Chiropractic, Dr. Goodheart was in active practice for over 60 years in Detroit and Grosse Pointe, Michigan. He has authored numerous articles and books on Chiropractic Technique for greater than four decades.

Thank You Dr. George Goodheart, you will be missed.

Please keep his wife, JoAnne, and their family in your thoughts and prayers.


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