Tucson Acupuncture Clinic

Firuzeh Mehrabani has been taking care of my family for years. The homeopathic medicine and herbs that she gives us keeps everyone healthy and happy. My children have an almost perfect attendance at school since seeing her. She is brilliant at attending to any health issue we may have.  She is always attentive to our needs when someone in our family is sick. With her kind nature, we always can trust that she can prescribe the best procedure in medicine for us to use.

Sandy Streiff, Tucson, AZ

Firuzeh has often gone out of her way to make sure that her clients are taken care of.  I appreciate knowing that I am in good hands.  
Joyce C.

Firuzeh has been able to help me resolve a number of issues that I had resorted to living with.  She has truely improved the quality of my life on daily basis.

Marina D.

Firuzeh has been taking care of our family for a number of years.  We are grateful for her skills, patience, and caring attitude.  I am writing this to express my gratitude for her care when my husband was in the hospital.  She made herself available to help me get through the difficult times​.  
Dee O.

I was impressed with Firuzeh being able to make a difference with my symptoms right away.  Her style of practice works quickly.  Her attention is geared towards getting her clients well quickly.  She does not hesitate to be honest about not being able to make a difference and make a referral. 

Harold D.

Firuzeh has been able to help me tremandously with pain and exhaustion associated with cancer.  I was able to once again get out of bed and participate in family events and life.  Thank you.

Jo T.

Firuzeh has been able to work side by side with my specialists on tumors in my lungs.  She did her part to address scar tissue and side effects associated with the treatments.  Thanks to her I am amongst a few in my group who has not suffered from damage associated with treatment to my lungs.

Eileen P.

My grandson has been able to enjoy eating normaly after Firuzeh took care of the irritation in his digestive tract.  We assumed that he had food allergies yet she was able to eliminate other causes of inflammation in
the digestive tract which were over looked.  After only
two appointments he is back to enjoying cake and cookies at birthday parties.

Janice S.

For years I suffered from burning of my feet at night which kept me up.  When Firuzeh was able to identify mineral mal-absorption and stimulated organ function, the problem was quickly resolved.  I have to maintain taking certain products to ensure optimal endocrine system function, yet I now have a solution to a life long problem.

​Thank you
Josh L.

I have spent thousands of dollars to identify the cause of fevers and chills that I experienced for over 15 years.  One session with Firuzeh allowed my body to start healing.  She continued working with me until all damage to my body was repaired.  I feel great and started working again.

Bryan A.
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