Michael Murphy has been a Health Kinesiologist for over 15 years. During that time, he has worked with people to help them find ways to improve their health.  He focuses on Health Kinesiology (see www.subtlenergy.com)ad Radiokinesiology, which he developed (see: www.radiokinesis.com). He uses Essential Oils, Bach Flowers, Rocks and Energy Movers (which are energy moving devices developed by Michael Murphy), to help the body find solutions for its core issues and find homeostasis. In a typical session, Michael will balance himself and the person, and will use muscle testing (developed by Applied Kinesiology) to find the stressors to a given person's body and help the body build resistance to these. He has helped people better manage their own allergy problems, muscle pain, and other issues. Michael is not a doctor and does not practice medicine, he helps people to better help themselves and improve their quality of life.