Tucson traffic light cameras?



Green means Go

Red Means Stop

Yellow means slow down


This is what you all were taught to do when you where a child growing up. Now days in Tucson and other states the system has installed cameras that cause people to not trust the law or the fact that Green means go. I am a Kinesiologist studying people and their behaviors and what I have found out in the last couple of months is people are panicking when going through a Tucson light do to the fact they don't know if it is green or going to turn red yellow they are stopping at green lights and are scared because they can't afford a ticket. Tucson needs to wake up and realize that people are driving to work and getting to work angry upset not knowing why they are panicking or stress out.


I would think it is against the law to cause a state of fear in someone I wish I knew but as far as I can see this new problem the city is terrorizing people when they drive. Since texting and speeding and dui are a problem I am not against fixing this problem but as far as I can see it. There is a new threat to driving making people freak out and drive supper fast to avoid the ticket or to just stop in the middle of the road on a green light because they panic going thru a light now days. TUCSON wake up.

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