You are at the point of trying anything; you are on a quest to lose all the weight, to get it off you no matter what. We all know dieting is one of the most difficult things to undertake. You sit there and think "there is no one out there who understands how I feel." Waking up in the morning and trying to move from the place you have been lying all night, and you realize your body is tired and so are you. Pulling yourself to a sitting position is hard. The weight makes it hard to breath, makes you feel like just sitting there, the feeling never goes away.

People become depressed and overwhelmed at the thought that they might never lose weight; and on the contrary, they are at risk at gaining more and more weight, to the point that they feel really out of control and helpless.
No choice but to try to diet again and as usual, nothing much happens, and we feel helpless again, losing the battle a little at a time, until we just give up.

At this point, I would like to mention that fat cells grown for a couple of reasons. One of them is because the body is making a shield against things you and the body think are going to hurt you, such as old issues buried in your mind, your past hurts as a child. How is this possible you may ask? Well, the body remembers every minute, every second of your life, and it records the past experiences, good and bad, and records it into the cells. The body can store all the pain and all hate, anger and much more in the cells.

With this new system of Radiokinesis we are able to get in to the core of the body's cells and find which ones are storing the old information, and which ones the body chooses to stop storing such information.

 It is time to let go and stop storing pain and trauma in the cells! Telling your body everyday that you are ready to let go, and just thinking that you are safe can help a lot. Thinking is programming, words and thoughts are very powerful and they actually program your body and all its cells. Negative thoughts, such as "I am fat", "I am not good enough", and "I am ugly" are poison for the body and the mind. These thoughts will end up keeping you in a position of Fat thinking!

Also, check yourself for a know problem I call self degrading abuse such as if your husband or wife should walk in the room and tell you that you are looking so pretty or handsome, and you quickly think that he or she is lying, you are suffering from this problem.

In that case, you could also be suffering from a problem I call, "Selective Mental Deafness." This happens when you are deaf to nice, kind and praising words; you cannot accept words of beauty, and prefer to stop them right off then to have to listen to them. To you, these words might actually sound like insults or a mockery. In this case, you have been deaf to these words for such a long time, that you have trouble letting them into your mind and body


Concept   YOU
You look great!  I feel fat!
I love your smile      Did you not see the way my cheeks look when I smile?
You have nice hands        Yup, but did you not see my FAT ARMS
You look great! Yeah right! I look and feel fat!
That dress looks good on you! I feel bloated in this dress!
You should use lighter colors, they look nice on you! Yeah and look fatter! I'd rather dress in black all the time.
Want to come to a swimming at a pool party? Excuse me; have you looked at me lately?
Summer is here, how nice, you look nice in shorts. Oh no, summer is here, shorts, spaghetti straps!


 In no time you will be teaching friends and family to walk on egg shells when they are around you. You will stop them from saying good things to you, and set them up to say exactly the unkind words you need to hear. You might make them feel wrong for saying that you look nice and sexy! If you retort with self degrading phrases, they will eventually stop saying kind things altogether.


Abusive Unhealthy Programming! Corrective Programming!
Honey do I look fat in this dress?    Honey don't I look hot in this dress!