How do we get back pain, or any other sort of pain?  First of all, there is an overload of stress.  It can be physical such as lifting an object that was too heavy.  However, I am now going to tell you a big secret of natural health that many people do not realize: The cause of the pain can also be chemical or nutritional, emotional or electrical.  And usually it is a combination of these.  It is different for different people at different times.  How do I know this? Because when we identify the cause of why a muscle went out of balance, with muscle testing, and remove the cause, the pain has not only gone, but stayed away.

The body gets overloaded by stress and so something has to give.  It's like a fuse in the fuse box of your house blowing. The brain may decide that it is one of your back muscles that will be the fuse that blows.  That particular back muscle unlocks.  From then on, your brain will no longer be sending or receiving signals correctly to and from that muscle. 

The other muscles joined to the bone are still working.  But now they pull the bone out of alignment, because they don’t have the support of the unlocked muscle. What is the result of this?  Pain is felt somewhere in the body, although not necessarily where the imbalance is.

The main part of any kinesiology session is a muscle test, followed by a correction, followed by the same muscle test. For example, almost everyone who has lower back pain will have an imbalance in their Quadratus Lumborum muscle. First the kinesiologist muscle tests this muscle. If the muscle 'goes weak' we say that the muscle has 'unlocked'. This reminds the brain that this particular muscle is not receiving signals correctly. Then various corrections are made by rubbing or holding different parts on the body. Then the muscle is retested. Normally, it will now lock. The person being tested can sometimes feel a change in pain from up to an 8/10 level to a 0/0 level, when this happens.



With using energy movers you are able to setup the body to do its own repair work at a faster rate there is no reason to keep taking pain pills when really the body just wants your help to fix it via foods workouts and emotional stress let go