What are Energy Movers?

Energy Movers are proprietary devices designed and developed primarily by Michael Murphy which are used in Radiokinesis and Health Kinesiology procedures to move, balance and retune the meridian energies of the body. They have also been found to reprogram cellular energies and re-map energy flow. Energy Movers are valuable tools that can be used in multitudinous ways not only in Radiokinesis, but can also be easily incorporated into other natural healing modalities such as massage and chiropractic practices, to reflexology and other systems of specialized Kinesiology. When used correctly they serve to adjust the flow of energy to the different organs of the body, as well as to address the energy vibrations of the many positive and negative energies that surround us.


How do Energy Movers Work?


Sometimes energy communication and flow in the energy system of the body is disrupted in a way similar to a broken circuit or trace line in an electrical circuit board. A wire called a jumper is soldered from the beginning to the end of the break in the circuit to re-establish electrical connection. Energy Movers were designed to accomplish a similar effect in the energy system of the body by reconnecting the broken circuits along the lines of the meridians. Energy Movers are a multi-faceted tool that can be used in multiple situations.

Incorporated into Energy Movers are principles and elements of transducer technology, electronics, homeopathy, color, gems, flower and other essences, essential oils, herbs and many other energy patterns.


What can Energy Movers do?


Energy Movers function in a similar way for your energy system as diagnostic software does for your computer. Just as that software has the capability to search your computer’s hardware for typical errors such as missing setup files, as well as speeding up performance, realigning data and recovering damaged files, so also have Energy Movers been designed to assist our “bio energy computers” in the same fashion. 


Energy Movers have the capacity to multi-task and work multi-dimensionally on many levels and jobs simultaneously. They also appear to act as energy filters and assist the energy system in making valuable adjustments to enable it to better receive positive energies or “chi”, and to screen out negative energies. Emotional energies, whether positive or negative, have a particular energy frequency or vibration which can either support us or harm us. With Energy Movers, the body’s energy system has a powerful ally to assist in lancing the boils of negative emotions and detoxifying them, so to speak, from their body’s cellular memory. Then cell-to-cell energy communication can more easily accomplish what it was originally designed to do, unimpeded by those “stones on their path”. Energy Movers also assist the energy system to build up a tolerance to the negative energies.


In addition, Energy Movers assist in identifying incoming energies and adjusting their rate, flow, amount and strength so that the body can comfortably accommodate it, similar to a tuner on a television. Finally, Energy Movers have been known to have a valuable ability to help develop an energy immunity to common destructive energy frequencies.


How can Energy Movers help you?


After studying Health Kinesiology and practicing it for many years, I have realized that commonly the body calls for corrections that require holding points in various locations of the body at once.  In such cases I felt limited because, as a solo practitioner, it was almost impossible to accomplish this (having only two hands!). On many occasions the points were located in different and often far apart parts of the body. 


In order to complete such corrections, a person would have to lie still for long periods of time while all the points are held in succession, until the correction is completed. I also realized that when the body called up the need to hold points, many people did not feel comfortable with being touched. This motivated me to envision and design a tool that could serve the purpose of rewiring and reconnecting the energy of the body and correct the “broken” energy paths all at once. This device would reduce the time of the correction, and would also make the rewiring more powerful and complete. Having worked with computers a good part of my life, I used the principles of energy conduction I saw in them, as well as other ordinary appliances, as the primary inspiration to create the energy flow and connection properties of the Energy Movers. Their design is simple and effective, and can be easily placed on an individual without making the person feel uncomfortable.


Benefits of Energy Movers


Energy Movershave virtually endless possible applications, when used by trained practitioners. Using muscle-testing, the body may call upon them to correct energy flows, and thus be easily integrated into other Kinesiology systems, such as Health Kinesiology, in numerous ways.  Also, they can be integrated into other natural health modalities as tools. For instance, they could be used in reflexology, massage, acupressure, shiatsu, bodywork and energy work.


While healing from injuries, it may be beneficial to carry an appropriately tested Energy Mover in your pocket or over the area of injury. They can be used to rub, wave over or stroke the energy field of the body to cleanse it — the body’s creativity is the limit.


Energy Movers have shown to be very versatile and effective in many unusual ways.  For example in my experience:


  • Several babies were relieved of gas problems by having the baby lie on top of an Energy Mover.
  • Once during a telephone conversation, a practitioner who worked with Energy Movers instructed a very depressed client who had some Energy Movers at home, to go and test for an Energy Mover to hold that may help.  The person simply picked up a couple (without testing due to the state of depression). Almost immediately, the client started feeling better and the practitioner noticed the mood changing from depression and negativity to the client’s usual positive self.
  • By simply rubbing Energy Movers over pain, many people have experienced relief.
  • Most people find it difficult to work on themselves when they are not feeling well. With Energy Movers they can quickly test for a couple and hold them until they feel more at ease.


As with all energy work, the body will determine which ones are appropriate to use at a given time. Energy Movers are a gentle tool, however, since every person is different; they should be used only by trained practitioners and, as with any tool, with care and caution.

Energy Movers, their name, design and propertiesare proprietary devices designed by Michael Murphy, protected under the Laws of the United States. They cannot be reproduced without written permission of Michael Murphy.