Do you have a headache? The world is under so many pressures, that most people feel they can’t take it anymore. The good news is that Kinesiology can help identify the deeper reasons for such headaches.


The mind is a very tricky tool. I worked on a client once that had a headache everyday at 5:00 p.m. when she came home from work. I asked her if she ever had the pain at work, and she stated that it only happened when she got home. She had been taking different pills for a long time, even to the point that sometimes she would get sick.


When working up a session on this client, we were able to find out that when she was little she was under the coffee table and the dog barked very loud and she jumped up and hit her head on the table. Not remembering this as an adult, when she came home the dog next door would be barking in the background, and it seemed to her that the sound did not bother her at all. However, this was a stressor.


Once we located this stressor, we were able to do a correction on the body to activate the body’s own ability to let go of the problem of energy that was being block by this simple issue.


The day following this session, when she came home she did not need to take her pills or even think about the pain, and she said the problem was solved.


In general, headaches can be terrible and crippling, but there are other options besides taking pills, such as neck adjustments by a licensed chiropractor, kinesiology sessions, or others.


Let your body heal itself with guidance and support.