When you have a hard time getting a moment of peace either via lying down or just wanting to relax a lot of people are paying people to make them force them to just stop lie down and find yourself now wanting to think. I have found that people find more health in a massage then they do going to a counselor or therapist. Reason why because it takes work you have to think you have to solve problems when you do that kind of work. I do recommend people get massages because you need the rest your body wants to rest.

Take a break find your thoughts when you get up from a massage make sure you drink a lot of water because when on the table you are moving energy and breaking up a lot of toxins and you will need to reduces and let the body flush it from your system.

There are many types of massages you need to know who is good and who to stay away from a lot of people are not balanced or not even knowing what that means they don’t really teach it too much in massage school. The massage therapist needs to stay balance working on your since they are moving energy if they don’t stay in balance you might just pick up a problem here and there.

But that said I still love a good balance massage

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