Michael Murphy

  • Michael Murphy
  • Trained Health Kinesiologist
  • Radiokinesis Founder
  • Teacher of Radiokinesis
  • holt, michigan
  • 1-(520) 329-1325

The story begins around the age of 17, when I became very sick because of working with computers and designing software. My first HK (Health Kinesiology) session was amazing to me (and to the practitioners, because I was rude and very skeptical). At first, they had a hard time getting me to settle down to listen to what my body was telling them from the muscle testing. But when I started to listen, I knew right then there was more to this then I was looking at. (I did not realize that I was going to have the chance to work with the brain which is very similar to software.) The brain sends out impulse waves and the mind tells the fingers to move, the muscles to move. When I understood this, it was data in, data out. Such a simple thought. My first session revealed that my body said (through muscle testing) that my computers and all the monitors where making me sick from the RF (Radiation Frequencies) they were kicking off. So the IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) the doctors said I had was really just radiation poisoning. Soon after the first session I was truly amazed at the results I had. The next thing I started to ask is: "How can I learn this?" Well, with dyslexia, I was unable to read more then 10 minutes because my brain would not make any sense of what I was reading. The Kinesiologist told me, "You need to be able to read really well in order to learn HK." So I said, "Give me the chance." I learn very fast from hands on. They came up with a reading correction for me. Every time I read I would go out of balance. While reading, they did testing and found that this was happening my whole life (which would mean that I had more trouble in school than they even knew about). After the correction was done, I was reading 80% better. So, she told me I should sit in on the classes. My first class was tough. It was a lot of info and a little over my head. But when I started to see the work, it hit me so clear! I was truly amazed yet again...

Teaching Radiokinesis is one of my favorite things to do. Watching people soak in the new information, to see the light come on in them, is what I truly love. I give about a 2 hour session to my new clients. I normally work 1 hour sessions, which I find to be enough for the body to learn, and for the client to have something to think about for the next couple of days…

Most of my education is around electronics and electrical issues, computer programming and working with computers. With both technical repair of computer systems and after taking all the classes in Health Kinesiology - they have been put together to make a system which makes a lot of sense to me and others. We have the ability to reprogram the brain\'s misunderstanding about things you would not think are important such as fears, grief, sadness, and pain. They control you.

I have worked on so many people that I've lost count. I've never advertised until now with a website to help people understand what it is that I do. Most people that get helped usually tell all their friends. I found that MS patients, fertility issues, cancer issues, depression, and also pain, were my greatest results in helping people.

Knowledged/Experienced/Skilled in:
 Bach flower remedies
 Chiropractic manipulation
 Chromotherapy or Color therapy
 Counselling / Psychotherapy
 Craniosacral therapy
 Creative outlets (art, music, dance therapy)
 Dietary supplements
 Ear candling
 Feng shui
 Gem therapy
 Homeopathic medicine
 Lymph drainage therapy
 Magnetic therapy
 Midwifery / Childbirth support
 Osteopathic manipulation
 Qi gong
 Sound therapy
 Therapeutic touch
 Vision therapy
 Yoga therapy

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